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Sir Dawda Jawara and the OIC Summit

The Gambia has played a crucial role in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), advocating for peace, tolerance, human rights, and a world free from racism and war. The former Gambian president, Sir Dawda, was instrumental in promoting these basic principles and values. Due to his advocacy, the OIC adopted the Mecca Declaration in 1981, which emphasizes the unity of the ummah and respect for human rights.

Despite the Gambia’s small size, Sir Dawda held an executive position in the OIC and served as the Chairman of the OIC Islamic Peace Committee. Under his leadership, Gambia played a significant role in the OIC, particularly during the war between Iran and Iraq. Sir Dawda was able to end the conflict between the two Muslim states, which earned him the respect of the Muslim ummah.

As the chair of the Islamic peace committee, Sir Dawda had consistently emphasized the importance of unity among the ummah. He had reminded OIC members that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve major objectives such as the liberation of Palestine if the ummah was divided. He had urged the ummah to come together to find solutions to the various challenges facing Muslims today, including religious, political, cultural, social, and economic problems.

It’s important to acknowledge the significant role that the Gambia played during the summit. Sadly, the younger generation may not be fully aware of the country’s remarkable political evolution, as historical leaders are often overlooked on important occasions. Nonetheless, let’s take pride in the Gambia and work together to ensure a successful summit. With our collective efforts, we can make this happen. I extend my best wishes to the Gambia for a fruitful OIC summit.

Kebba Lamin Nanko.

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